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Vipul Patel



Dr. Patel was great! She made me feel really comfortable as a man getting treatment for the first time.  We went through all the issues that I wanted to improve, and she talked about treatment options. In the end, I decided to get botox and a couple fillers to make my lines and wrinkles less noticeable. I was surprised because she recommended cheek filler, and it looks great, definitely makes me look much younger. After a couple of days I really noticed the difference on my forehead, eyes and cheeks.  Everything looks great!  Dr. Patel was extremely thorough, and made me feel comfortable the whole time. Will definitely be going back!

Tammy Block


 I was so impressed with how Dr. Patel took her time explaining different procedures and what to expect afterwards. She was thorough with each procedure and took every step to ensure the treatments looked professional. I am looking forward to working with her again. Finally I have found the right doctor to meet my needs and expectations.



I opted to do a concierge appointment as opposed to going to Dr. Patel's office.  She did a consult with me ahead of time where she took the time to listen to my concerns and educate me about my options for treatment.  I opted to get Botox on my forehead and crow's feet.  She was so gentle when injecting the Botox that I could barely feel it and I had no bruising. I'm incredibly pleased with the results.  She elected to use the perfect amount of Botox -- not too much and not too little.  I'll definitely be back and I plan on recommending her to my friends!

Nicole .Murphy


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Dr. Sheila is the best!!! She answered all my questions and I left feeling amazing and so satisfied with her care. I will go back again and recommend her to everyone! Not all aesthetic places are the same; AllureMD is the place to go for real service!

Aalap Shah


"Bedside manner" is synonymous with Dr. Patel. Whether it be in clinic or the comfort of your own home, Dr. Patel prides herself on addressing every single one of your concerns. Would love to see her offer PRP sometime!

Vijay G.


Dr. Sheila is amazing! For such a knowledgeable doctor, she is so nice and really cares about her patients. She took her time in explaining all about the procedure and made recommendations based on what I needed. When she was treating me, I felt confident and comfortable. Dr Sheila has those gentle surgical hands and you can feel her precision. Overall a great doctor, and I've recommended her to my friends already!

Nisar Naimi


Dr. Patel is AMAZING! Truly knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She makes it a point to ensure her patients are comfortable and educated in the best procedure for them from the onset. I recommend her to anyone looking for these services. Five stars all the way

Kristen Belote


Dr. Patel took the time to explain the various products and provide recommendations based on what would enhance my looks in the most natural way. She also ensured that I was comfortable during the entire process. I'm very pleased with the outcome and have received many compliments. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone and I will definitely use her services again.

Vera S.


I was very impressed with Dr. Patel's technique. I'm in my mid 50's and recently had Dr.Patel do botox and tear trough filler. The results are amazing and I had absolutely no bruising. I was weary of the filler close to the eye but Dr.Patel, who is also an ophthalmologist, put me at ease and explained everything.

Angela L.


Dr. Patel was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and expertise. Highly recommend!

Angela Lindberg


Dr. Patel did a fantastic job and provided great recommendations. I appreciate her setting expectations and giving examples so I could make the best decision. She is very professional and kind. I would highly recommend to others!

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